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Chill & Friendly Community with **Family-Friendly Rules**
[Java Edition 1.13.2]
- NEW! Introducing: The NeverEnd - An Epic Skyblock Alternative
in The End World!
- Friendly Staff
- No Whitelist | Responsible Players Only
- Designed to Reward Long-Term Gameplay
- Earn Ranks, Rewards, Permissions, & Commands by Increasing Online Time & Builder Level
EPIC Builds | CHILL Gameplay
-By: GreenMist10-

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EpicChillCraft News

- Server opened to the public: Dec 21, 2018 !

- Quests have been removed. Ranks are now based on Online Time and Buider Levels.

- Introducing: The NeverEnd World !!
GreenMist10 has put together a skyblock alternative, and it's in an end world!

- There is a link to our online MAP just above the vote section, above! Click link, open right menu, select ecc surface.

Special Guest: Colamonium
Visited Us At EpicChillCraft, March 17,
& Made This Video, Building These Epic Hobbit Houses!

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